A Day Trip To Ravello, Amalfi Coast

Ravello is such a picturesque town in the mountains that has the most incredible views! It’s well-known for beautiful gardens, lemon farms and historical buildings. We ended up spending so much time here that we had to save Amalfi for the day after. Start early if you can! Most people skip making a trip to Ravello, but don’t!

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mountainous village by the italian coast

How To Get To Ravello

From the Amalfi bus stop, hop on the SITA bus for 1.30 euro. Don’t forget to purchase tickets at the ticket office before boarding! Click here for the bus schedule. It’s only a 15-minute bus ride from Amalfi! From Sorrento or Positano, you’ll have to bus to Amalfi and then transfer to the Ravello bus.

If you’re driving, it’s recommended you park at Piazza Duomo’s West Side.

orange houses sitting on top of a mountain overlooking the coast

What To Do In Ravello

The Duomo + Views, Views, Views

Dating back to the 15th Century, the Duomo (Cathedral) sits in the main square. There are a few nice shops and restaurants here where you can enjoy a limoncello or dessert. The views in front of this square are breathtaking!

outdoor restaurants in front of church ravello
girl in white dress overlooking mountain with houses
outdoor restaurant in ravello square
orange houses sittin on the mountain

Villa Rufolo

Admission Fee: 5 Euro + 3 Euro for ages <12 and ages >65
Hours: Daily 9am – 7pm

Visit the famous Villa Rufolo overlooking the cathedral square. It once belonged to a wealthy family until the 19th Century when it was sold for restoration. In addition, it also overlooks two levels of terraces and flower gardens. While in Ravello, we thought that we had visited the gardens since there was a garden with a view in front of the square, but it wasn’t. Make sure to Google Map the exact location while there!

archway in ravello surrounded by tre

Stop At Ristorante Maria Villa For A Drink On The Way To Villa Cimbrone!

On our way to Villa Cimbrone, the views from this restaurant caught our eye. It was so hot that we decided to take a break and have a drink. Soak in the insane views!

balcony view of mountains
girl in white dress looking at houses on mountain
Views on the way to Villa Cimbrone

Villa Cimbrone

Admission Fee: 7 Euros
Hours: Daily 9am – Sunset

Dating back to the 11th Century, Villa Cimbrone is now a private 5-star hotel with a massive, public garden. It’s famous for the Terrace of Infinity, which provides dramatic views of Amalfi and the blue Mediterranean waters below.

amalfi coast surrounded by orange houses on a mountain
orange house on top of the mountain ravello

We ended up skipping this garden when we found out there was an entrance fee. We found that you could enjoy the same scenery when you first get off the bus. However, I’ve heard that it’s really beautiful! My friend who visited this summer suggested that you visit only if you have a lot of time. In saying this, she reiterated that you can get pretty much the same kind of view when walking up to the main entrance.

villa with mountain in the background villa cimbrone
Views from Villa Cimbrone c/o my friend Tina Wu

Visit A Lemon Farm

We didn’t do this, but I’ve heard that taking a tour through a local lemon farm is a really fun experience! I’ve heard a lot about this family business called the Amalfi Lemon Experience. There’s several different tours you can choose from including cooking classes and a honey lemon experience!

lemon farm surrounded by green mountains ravello
orange houses on top of a mountain in ravello

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