How to Visit The Golden Bridge Ba Na Hills, Vietnam

Golden bridge ba na hills

The Golden Bridge in Ba Na Hills, Vietnam recently became extremely popular thanks to social media, only opening in June 2018. The bridge was designed to evoke the image of the giant Hands of God, which appear to hold it up. Its magnificent architecture sits adjacent to breathtaking views of the mountains and hills. I thought this attraction would be underwhelming since I had seen so many photos of it prior to visiting. But it didn’t disappoint and I’d definitely add it to your growing bucket list!

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How to Get There to The Golden Bridge

The Golden Bridge Ba Na Hills is located approximately 30 km (45 minute drive) West of Da Nang City, making it an easy stop for those already visiting Central Vietnam. Many tour companies also offer day tours from Hoi An (read my Hoi An guide here). You can hire a driver through your hostel/hotel or take a Grab Car. You can also take a shuttle bus from Ba Na Hills, but that pickup time is at 8am which is an hour later than opening time.



What to Expect At Ba Na Hills

Entrance Fee: 700,000 VND (includes cable car ride)
Hours: 7am – 9:30pm

The Golden Bridge is part of the Sun World Ba Na Hills amusement park. It has several different sections to visit including a French-style village, botanical gardens, a wax museum, pagodas, a big Buddha, and etc. When we visited, we could hardly see anything so we weren’t able to explore the amusement park much. Seeing the Golden Bridge was still worth every cent.

The only way up to the park is via cable car. Stretching 500 feet long and sitting more than 4,500 feet above sea level, this system currently holds the Guiness World Record for the longest and highest nonstop cable car.





I cannot stress this #1 tip enough. If you want to beat the crowds and get those Insta-worthy photos, then show up right when it opens at 7am. Time how long the drive will take from your hotel to Ba Na Hills and organize your driver for then. Our hotel concierge thought we were crazy when we said we wanted to leave at 6:15am. In doing this, not only were we the first ones on the bridge, we had about 15 minutes of photo shooting time to ourselves! It gets busy quick! So arrive for 7am.

There are 3 different cable car routes that take you to various sections of the park. Make sure to the cable car route on the very far left called Ga Hoi An. This one takes you directly up to the bridge.



If you can, try to track the weather in Ba Na Hills. This can be quite tricky because even if the ground weather is a perfectly clear, blue skies – you can still have complete fog or rain up in the mountains. This is what happened to us. We had really sunny weather on our drive there. When we approached the ticket counter, the lady said to us “it’s raining and foggy up there. You won’t be able to see anything and the ticket is non-refundable.” We took our chances anyways since that was the only day we could visit the park. She was right, it was raining slightly and super foggy, but it made only for the most incredibly dramatic photos! Don’t be discouraged even if the weather is bad, the bridge is an absolute wonder and looks just as amazing in foggy weather. Bring an umbrella just in case! The weather can change dramatically even when you’re up there!


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