How To Visit The TeamLab Borderless Digital Art Museum: Tokyo

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TeamLab Borderless is an interactive, digital art museum where artworks and installations move throughout the rooms. Each exhibition appears different every time you return. This cutting-edge, immersive museum allows the artwork to be dependent on visitor participation through ‘smart learning’. This is a must-visit when you’re in Tokyo!!!

TeamLab Museum Hours: Monday – Friday, 10am – 7pm (Last entry 6pm)
Saturday, Sunday and holidays, 10am – 9pm (Last entry 8pm)
Museum is closed every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month.

Admission: ¥3,200 for Adults, High School & University Students
¥1,000 for 4 years old to Junior High School Students

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Book Online Museum Tickets In Advance

Book your online tickets from the official website in advance! I can’t stress this one enough. This museum is so popular that tickets are known to sell out weeks in advance. Once online tickets are sold out, that’s it! There’s no tickets sold at the door.

We learned this the hard way, because we decided to book our tickets after we arrived in Tokyo. This was also during Spring’s busiest cherry blossom season. Therefore, it was sold out for the entire 5 days we were spending in the city. Luckily, two tickets became available after I refreshed the official website for half an hour. Don’t make the same mistake I did and book early!

teamlab digital art museum

Go Early and Expect To Wait In Line Outside the Museum

Go early in the morning! The museum opens at 10am, so I suggest arriving at 9am to ensure you’re one of the first ones in. Be expected to still wait approximately 45 minutes in line in order to get in. It’s not as scary as it looks! If you decide to go later in the day, plan for the wait in line. We decided to visit later in the day in hopes of avoiding the crowd. However, it was still just as busy as the morning.

Don’t Spend Too Long In The Most Popular Rooms

It’s easy to gravitate quickly to the most popular rooms (i.e. Crystal World, Lamp Sculpture Room) and stay there for a long time especially for photos. Try to spend too long here, since you can always come back to them. There are so many rooms to explore! Don’t miss out on the other amazing exhibitions.

teamlab digital art museum

Budget Plenty Of Time For Your Visit

You’ll want to plan at least 3-5 hours for your visit on top of the wait in line. This will allow a comfortable amount of time in order to be able to really immerse yourself in the artworks. You can also take photos without rushing and have time to line up for the more popular rooms. We spent 3-4 hours in the museum and could’ve spent longer. Consequently, we ran out of time when it closed. Don’t forget about the second floor exhibitions!! We only discovered there was a whole other level in the last hour of opening. As a result, we ended up rushed through it.

Download The TeamLab Borderless App

Make sure to download the TeamLab App on your phone beforehand to interact with different exhibitions. You can use the app in Crystal World to control the room’s mood.

flower forest teamlab museum

Eat Beforehand

Eat before visiting TeamLab, as there is no food or drink in the museum. There’s only vending machines nearby. You can eat at the mall next to TeamLab before or after your visit.

Avoid Large Bags or Tripods

If you decide to bring a large bag, you’ll be required to put it in one of the lockers at the main entrance. Tripods are not allowed since the museum is quite dark. They can easily become a tripping hazard.

Taking photos here can be pretty tricky since all the rooms are really dark. I suggest bringing a low-light camera lens or using your phone on HD mode.

Dress Appropiately

Wear light-coloured clothing if possible. The holograms and colours will easily appear on light-ercoloured clothing. Darker colours won’t pick up the holograms.

flower forest teamlab digital museum

Wear comfortable shoes. You won’t be allowed into the Athletic Forest if you’re wearing heels, clogs or other “unsteady footwear.” This is because the space has uneven ground for jumping and sliding.

Wear pants or a tighter skirt if possible. The Crystal World and Forest of Resonating Lamps have mirrored floors. As a result, they reflect up your dress. Staff will offer you a wrap-around skirt before entering these rooms if you need it.

Don’t Be Afraid To Interact & Wander

At TeamLab, you’re encouraged to touch everything and interact with the digital artworks. Touching some fish will cause them to swim away.

There are no signs in the museum, so don’t be afraid to wander! It’s so fun to keep walking until you find a room that offers something!

These are the exhibits that you can expect when you visit:

Flower Forest

This is the first room you will enter in the museum. Flowers will bloom, wilt and sprout as you touch the walls and step on them.

teamlab digital art museum
flower forest
flower forest teamlab

Be Mesmerized In The Crystal World

The Crystal World is filled with hanging, shimmering LED lights. The dazzling display of lights will leave you absolutely mesmerized. Make sure to use the TeamLab app in this room to control the lights’ colour scheme. We visited on a super busy day, so it didn’t work for us. Give it a go though! Find the large, back room to snap some photos without other people in it!

crystal world teamlab museum

Forest Of Resonating Lamps

This is the museum’s most popular and photogenic exhibition. Its mirrored room is filled with 1,000 colourful lamps, which are constantly changing colours.

lamp room teamlab digital art museum

Be expected to wait in line to enter this space. They only allow 20 people in the room at a time. I timed how long you can spend in the room. It’s only 3 minutes. Make sure to plan your shots beforehand while you’re waiting in the line. We found that most people gravitated towards the mirrored walls. Aim for the middle of the room to take photos without too many people in the background!!

TeamLab Borderless Digital Museum
forest of resonating lamps teamlab
temlab digital museum tokyo lamps
lamp room teamlab

Light Shell and Vortex

The Light Room is reminiscent of a nightclub light show that will keep you captivated.

light vortex room teamlab

Memory of Topography

This room is filled with round disks suspended on flexible sticks. You’ll see digital flowers, insects, and leaves projected onto them!

teamlab digital art museum

Athletics Forest

Athletics Forest is located in the museum’s second floor. This room is especially fun for kids. You can watch as they interact with the digital flowers and animals swimming on the ground. Furthermore, don’t miss the drawing room! This is where you can witness your own art creation come to life on the walls and floor!

Weightless Forest of Resonating Life

This room is full of massive floating balloons that’s especially fun to walk through.

Weightless Forest of Resonating Life teamlab

EN Tea House

We didn’t have time to visit this room, but make sure to do this at the end of your visit. It’s located on the second floor just before you enter the Athletic Forest. For ¥500, you’ll be able to watch as digital flowers bloom inside your tea cup!

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