The Best Of Positano, Italy

Colourful Positano buildings covered by purple flowers

Positano has been #1 on my bucket list ever since I started travelling years ago. This summer, I was finally able to visit one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever laid eyes on. From the moment that bus turns the corner, you’ll be treated with stunning coastal views, colourful houses and beautiful beaches.

You can easily spend an entire day just wandering through the cute alleyways and taking endless photos. It’s one of the most photogenic places I’ve ever visited. I’ll cover the spots that you can’t miss, but I’ll mostly let the photos speak for themselves!

colourful houses

How To Get To Positano

I wrote a post detailing how to easily travel to the Amalfi Coast here under the “Getting To The Amalfi Coast” + “How To Get Around” sections. If you’re visiting from another town in Amalfi Coast, it’s easy to hop on a SITA bus or a Red Sightseeing bus to travel between towns.

Make sure to wear super comfortable shoes for walking. You’ll be doing a LOT of it. Also, don’t forget to bring a hat and a big water bottle if you’re going during the summer months!

girl in white striped dress holding camera in front of mountains o

What To Do In Positano

Spiaggia Grande Beach

Spiaggia Grande Beach is Positano’s main beach located in the center of town. Most photos you’ll have seen of Positano on social media are most likely from here. You can rent small (but expensive) boats from here to take you on an Amalfi Coast tour. Standing on the beach will give you the most stunning, postcard-perfect views.

girl in white dress spinning in front of colourful mountain houses positano
row of orange sunbeds and blue umbrellas with colourful houses on a mountain in the background
row of orange sunbeds and blue umbrellas with colourful houses on a mountain in the background

We didn’t spend the day here, but you can relax on the beach sun beds for a fee. First row sun beds cost 25 Euro per person and from the second row, it costs 22.50 Euro per person. The next photo shows all of the beach pricing.

sign with beach prices on spiaggia grande beach in positano

We arrived at the at Spiagga before 8am, which is how we were able to take photos without anyone in them! I highly recommend showing up early if you’re looking to do the same!

girl in a white dress spinning in front of colourful buildings

Wander Through Town

Stroll through Positano to soak in the beauty of it! Visit all of the cute boutique souvenir shops, clothing stores and custom-made leather sandal shops!

white building surrounded by magenta flowers italy
colourful towels and table clothes hung on a

Hike To The Other Side of Positano For VIEWS + Lunch

This is the part where you’ll probably need to take several stops just to take photos of the incredible views. Also, to take a break from climbing all those stairs! I recommend walking to the part of town just to get a different view of Positano.

positano beach next to the ocean and mountains
colourful buildings sitting on the mountain on the coast
yellow and orange houses on a mountain overlooking the coast

Have Lunch At Il Tridente

Stop at Hotel Poseidon’s Il Tridente for lunch and soak in the views. The food and drinks were super delicious, just a bit pricey like most Positano restaurants. I highly recommend making reservations ahead of time since their tables by the edge are really popular!

positano city with co
red chairs and white tables on a balcony at il trident restaurant in p

Have Sunset Drinks At Champagne Bar & Grill

I had researched that Champagne Bar and Franco’s Bar at Le Sirenuse Hotel had some of the best sunset views. You honestly can’t really go wrong with either. However, Champagne Bar has way more seating. There was already a queue outside of Franco’s Bar before it even opened. According to their website, Franco’s Bar is open at 5pm. When we were there early July, they didn’t open until 6:15pm with a first-come, first serve basis.

Champagne Bar opened for us at 6:15pm. They also don’t take reservations, so I also recommend getting there early to get a table. We were lucky to be seated with the best views! The drinks are food are quite expensive, so be prepared!

girl in white dress standing with a fan in front of her face with colourful houses on a mountain in the background
sunset behind positano with colourful houses on a mountain
This is the view walking to the SITA bus stop
girl in white dress overlooking colourful houses on a mountain in positano during sunset

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