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Hello! Thank you for visiting my website/blog! I’ve created it as a way for my friends and family to follow along on my adventures. I had a hard time thinking of a clever blog name, but thought – what’s simpler and easier than my own name?

About Me

For those who don’t know me, my name is Connie Yang. I’m originally from Toronto, Canada. I am a nurse by day and learning photographer by night. I worked and lived as an expat nurse in Abu Dhabi for almost two years. This only fuelled my love for travel even more. It gave me the opportunity to meet the most incredible people and travel several of the surrounding countries. I took a career break and recently wrapped up TEN months of travel with my partner in crime, Alex.

We quit our jobs and pursued travelling full-time for a year, focusing mostly on Asia – a bit of a passion project. We were able to capture and share our experiences through photography/video in the hopes that it would inspire people to travel and/or pursue what they love. I documented much of our travels through this blog and shared hopefully some helpful tips to those visiting the same areas as well.

Where Did We Travel?

We visited: Bali, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Italy and Greece.

This blog wouldn’t be possible without the support of those constantly encouraging me to create this space. And to you, for stopping by, following along, and saying hello! So thank you!

A Side Thought

A friend of mine asked me at the start of my travels – “how did you come to the pull the trigger?” My response: there’s never a good time in life to just go. The time is always now. I know that I will never have an opportunity to do something like this again. Taking time off between jobs in the Middle East and Canada was the perfect opportunity for me to be able to just go and travel for as long as I wanted.

Prior to moving to Abu Dhabi, I initially thought I would want to save money to buy a house. But once I started travelling more while living abroad, this thought quickly evolved into – “I would love to just travel for as long as I can after I’m finished working here.” I also wanted to combine my passion for travel + photography and share all of these experiences in hopes that other people will “pull the trigger” too.

If you’re thinking about visiting the UAE, here’s a post on the 10 most common questions I used to always get!

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  1. Eeek Sam and I can’t wait to see the pics/vids you and alex create and all the great tips you will share with us!! Miss you guys already 😪

  2. I absolutely love this. I can’t wait to keep up with your adventures and to see you in wonderful China. Hope you have a blast 😘

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